Fazlur Rahman Babu and Mom in the story of change

Fazlur Rahman Babu and Mom in the story of change
Fazlur Rahman Babu and Mom in the story of change

Salim and Kalpana are a lower middle class couple of Dhaka city. Salim is a bus driver by profession. And Kalpana is a housewife. Tired of the whole day’s hustle and bustle on the road, excessive talk of passengers etc., when Salim returns home, he does not find peace there either. All in all, Salim’s life is not very comfortable. It becomes difficult for him to run the family with low income.

One day Salim found a bag of money inside the bus. While hesitating, he picked up the bag. Since then Salim’s life changed. Started living in expensive flats. Eats in expensive restaurants. Ride in an expensive car. Seeing the big people, Kalpana likes to buy the dog. But this change of life is not happy for Salim and Kalpana. In the end they have to return to their true lives. They understand that happiness is within reach.

Fazlur Rahman Babu in the scene of 'Palabadl' drama. Photo: Collected The fiction ‘Palabadal’ is made with such stories. Screenplay written by Khairul Basar Nirjhar, Imam Hossain Shamim and Fakhrul Hasan. Directed by Imam Hossain Shamim. Fazlur Rahman Babu is playing the role of Salim, and Zakia Bari Mom is playing the role of Kalpana. Amirul Islam, Tisha Chowdhury, Iktarul Islam, Hasnat Ripon, Alamgir Hossain, Sharif Mostafizur Rahman, Parveen Paru, Mehdi Hasan Raju, Musu Tara Muskan, Sajit Mohammad, Abdullah Rakib, John Milton, Shibli Howladar, Arif Hossain Javed and others are also in the cast. Recently, the shooting of Palabadal was completed in different locations of Dhaka city. Md. was in the filming. baby boy Art direction by Shibli Howladar and Sunny-Babu. Meher Asha in clothing planning.

About the Palabadal fiction, Fazlur Rahman Babu said that he liked playing the role of Salim. All the characters who live around us in the society, in this fiction, they have been brought to the fold of reality. Ordinary people like Salim, who work hard in search of a little comfort, can only find happiness if they are honest; The audience will get this message in Palabadal Fiction.

Fazlur Rahman Babu and Mom in the scene of 'Palabadl' drama. Photo: Collected Zakia Bari Mom said that she is happy to act in this fiction with Fazlur Rahman Babu. Kalpana is representative of the lower middle class, working women of the city. She loves her husband very much even though she has quarrels with her husband about various issues.

Director Imam Hossain Shamim said, after the shooting, the change is now on the editing table. The fiction will be released soon.

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