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Shabnoor, the ‘Empress of Dhaliwood’, is about to return, but…

Shabnoor, the ‘Empress of Dhaliwood’, is about to return, but…
Shabnoor, the ‘Empress of Dhaliwood’, is about to return, but…

Who is the most popular actress in the history of Bangladeshi films? Undoubtedly, the name that will come to the answer of most movie lovers is none other than the ‘Empress of Dhalwood’ Shabnoor. After turning his back on films, he left the country and lived in Australia for many years.

The new news is that this actress who is loved by millions of fans is going to return to the movies soon. Shabnoor himself said this in an interview given to a country’s media from Sydney, Australia recently. According to the actress, she intends to return to films this year itself.

But before that Shabnoor, the heroine of many superhit movies, wants to fix her fitness. He has been in Sydney, Australia for many days. away from acting. As a result, he did not look at the body in that way. Naturally, he does not have the same fitness as before. The heroine was overwhelmed.

In response to a question in this regard, Shabnoor said, ‘Of course I want to return to cinema. Trying to return. But to return to cinema I have to be fit. Lose weight. Once the weight is gained, it is not possible to lose it suddenly. It takes time. But there is a desire to return this year.’

The fact that Shabnoor is trying to fit herself, can be understood by looking at the recent pictures of the heroine. He often posts pictures of himself on social media. Looking at those pictures, it is clear that this heroine of late Salman Shah’s 14 movies has reduced her weight more than before.

But Shabnoor is not only interested in acting but also in film making. In this context, the actress said, ‘Bangla cinema is going through a good time now. Now many will return to construction. I also want to manage for a long time. I’m just taking the time it takes to sort it out.’

On the work front, Shabnoor was last signed in 2016 with PA Kajol’s ‘Man Jare Chai’. But later he did not do the work. Apart from this, Mostafizur Rahman also signed a contract for a movie called ‘Katdin Dikhini Tome’ directed by Manik. Didn’t do that either.

Jessore’s daughter Shabnoor exchanged rings with businessman Anik Mahmud on December 6, 2011. He got married on December 28 of the following year. Since then he started living in Australia and got citizenship there.

On December 29, 2013, Shabnoor became the mother of a son. But the family did not last. Shabnoor sent a divorce notice to husband Anik Mahmud through advocate (divorce notice and affidavit preparer) Kawsar Ahmed on February 4, 2020 due to marital discord.

Since then, the actress is living as a single mother in Australia with her son Aizaan Nihan. Although Shabnoor’s younger brother Tamal and younger sister Jhumur also live there with their families. As a result, Shabnoor’s days and nights pass like at home even from abroad. Now waiting for his return.

(Dhaka Times/06 November/AJ)

The article is in Bengali

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