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Farin is fascinated by the ‘infantry’

Farin is fascinated by the ‘infantry’
Farin is fascinated by the ‘infantry’

Srijit Mukherjee of Tollywood has made a movie based on the events of Mrinal Sen’s life. Named ‘Infantry’. Chanchal Chowdhury of Bangladesh played the role of this producer. The film premiered at the London Indian Film Festival on 2 November. Where Sarjit and Chanchal were present as guests. Coincidentally, Dhakai actress Tasnia Farin was also present at the festival. He watched the film together without missing the opportunity.

Then the actress did not make a mistake in responding to it. By publishing a selfie with Chanchal Chowdhury, Farin said, ‘Chanchal bhai has never been seen on screen like this before.’ I mean, the audience has never seen Chanchal Chowdhury on screen like he did.

He said, “Yesterday (November 2) I saw ‘Infantry’ in Birmingham.” Interestingly, when I went to Kolkata to promote my first film ‘Aro Ek Prithivi’, Chanchal Bhai was shooting for ‘Padatik’. Really life is like a circle.”

But how was the movie? Farin said from such an angle, ‘This is another sophisticated work by Srijit Dar. Where not only Mrinal Sen’s life but also his style of directing, cinema, philosophy, ideals have all come together. Also where to face your own conscience. Self reflection emerges in the mirror.’

Panchmukh Farin praised Chanchal Chowdhury as Mrinal Sen. Said, ‘This is another ground breaking performance by Chanchal Bhai. Such sharp acting is not often matched. Kudos to the entire team. The film will be released in theaters in the new year, but I can’t wait.’

London Indian Film Festival is going on in four cities of United Kingdom, London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds, starting from October 25 and ending on November 4. This screening of ‘Infantry’ took place at Birmingham’s Regent Street Cinema.

About ‘Padatik’ and Mrinal Sen, Chanchal had earlier said, ‘Just looking the same is not enough for a biopic, especially on a legend like Mrinal Sen. I tried to capture his inner feelings. I took that challenge. People may have seen Mrinal Sen’s picture and know. But don’t know his biography. It was our responsibility to highlight those unknown things to people.’

Produced by Mrinal Sen, Padatik was released in 1973. Srijit Mukherjee is producing his biopic with the same name. He said that since childhood he was greatly inspired by Mrinal Sen. Sreejith commented on the legendary filmmaker, ‘He had many facets as an Indian filmmaker. He was a man who would argue with producers not to increase the budget, but to decrease it. Because he knew that if the budget increases, the producer’s interference in the work will also increase. He would go out on the streets with a camera and the shooting process was very spontaneous. Whenever I shoot in Kolkata or any city in India, I celebrate Mrinal Sen in my heart.’

Manami Ghosh from Kolkata played the role of Mrinal Sen’s wife Geeta Sen in this movie.

The article is in Bengali

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