Tanya Ahmed is returning to cinema

Tanya Ahmed is returning to cinema
Tanya Ahmed is returning to cinema

After a long break, Tanya Ahmed, once the glamor heroine of the acting world with a charming smile, is returning to showbiz. But not TV drama, Tanya is returning to showbiz through a film called Tap. This actress said that everything has been decided by now. The movie will be produced by Suman Dhar. He has made a web film before but this time he is going to make a film for the first time. The shooting of the movie will start in Chittagong at the end of the year.

Tania Ahmed said, ‘I was talking with the director from time to time. wanted to sign But after moving to the United States, it no longer happened. Usually in the movies of our country we see hero-heroine-based stories. It is a parallel story of two women. Then went to a line and met. This aspect of the film’s story is the most remarkable to me.’

Regarding her role in the movie, Tania Ahmed said, ‘I feel that it will not be possible for me to act as a heroine at this age. So I want to do something like this, through which I can show my personality.’

Tanya Ahmed also said, ‘I have done the same in Raihan Khan’s film before, there is a hero and heroine, but the other character, I have done one of them, the other is Misha Saudagar bhai. If we exclude these two characters, the story of the film will not stand. I want to do something like that about acting in films.’

Producer Suman Dhar said, ‘Tanya Ahmed is one of the two central female characters of this movie. I will start shooting the movie from Chittagong at the end of the year.’

After shooting, post production, etc., Tanya Ahme, the very busy actress of the nineties, will be seen on the silver screen again in a new look. Which started with her modeling. Later, through the television drama, whose fame spread throughout the country. Many people have shown great reputation in this country by coming to small and big screen. Tania Ahmed also showed her talent by acting in films. Wherever he worked, he produced gold.

The one who just made his way into the showbiz world as an advertisement model; From there it seems that he has not passed a few years. Three decades ago today, Tanya Ahmed stood in front of the light-camera as a model in the ‘Diamond Brand’ coconut oil advertisement directed by actor-producer Afzal Hussain. He has taken that path forward in other branches of showbiz. Ever since that ad appeared on the TV screen, he played the game; The drawing room mesmerized the audience with her magical hairstyle. Big products are caught in the magic of this form one by one.

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