More than 100 artistes will perform Coke Studio Bangla Concert

More than 100 artistes will perform Coke Studio Bangla Concert
More than 100 artistes will perform Coke Studio Bangla Concert

Coke Studio Bangla is gearing up for the second edition of ‘Coke Studio Bangla Live’ concert. From the beats of ‘Nasek Nasek’ to the magical tunes of ‘Katha Kayo Na’—fans will enjoy a unique experience, never seen before. More than 100 artists of the platform will perform in this concert.

The concert will be held on November 10 at the Bangladesh Army Stadium. The main event will start at 6pm, but gates will open at 1.30pm. Then there is the pre-show from 3 pm, during which there are various fun activities for the audience present at the venue.

The line-up of Jadute Mata at Coke Studio Bangla includes Bappa Majumdar, Shayan Chowdhury Arnab, Animesh Roy, Panth Kanai, Mumtaz Begum, Mizan Rahman, Meghdal, Ritu Raj, Sanjida Mahmud Nandita, Nigar Sultana Sumi, Jalali Set, Ripon Kumar Sarkar (Baga), Sunidhi Naik, Soumyadeep Shikder (Murshidabadi), Kaniz Khandkar Mitu, Md. Makhan Mia, Rubaiyat Rehman, Jannatul Ferdous Akbar, Shanila Islam, Armin Musa and Ghasfaring Choir, Riyad Hasan, Pallab Bhai, Sohana (Daughter of Coastal), Mukul Majumdar Ishan, Pritam Hasan, Islam Uddin Palakar, Fazlu Majhi, Eman Chowdhury, Erfan The artistes of the two seasons include Mridha Shiblu, Alaya Begum, Fuad Al Muqtadir, Tasfia Fatima (Tashfi), Souchna Shelley and Hamida Banu. Elita Karim, Shubo (D Rockstar), Anuradha Mondal, Shaon Ganwala and Moqtadire Dewan Shanto are the special guests. Band Lalon and Hathirpool Sessions will enthrall the audience with band performances.

Coca-Cola Bangladesh Limited Head of Marketing Abir Rajbeen said, ‘Coke Studio Bangla is very popular all over the country and fans have been requesting to organize another concert. The platform is prepared with a team of more than 100 artistes to enthrall the audience with the magic of Coke Studio Bangla. We believe this concert will be a once in a lifetime experience for fans.’

600 ml of Coca-Cola limited edition ICC packaging for music lovers to get tickets for Coke Studio Bangla live concert. Or collect a 1.25 liter bottle. The unique code will be available after unwrapping the bottle. Consumers receive a digital coin by scanning the QR codes and the unique code on the back of each bottle’s packaging. Tickets for this concert can be won by collecting 5 digital coins. Consumers can also purchase tickets through ICC World Cup Coins. Apart from this, by ordering food worth 600 taka through foodpanda and at the same time 2 600 ml through pandamart on the same day. Or order a 1.25 liter bottle of Coca-Cola and get a concert ticket.

Apart from this, tickets are also available for purchase of Coca-Cola Combo Meals from Burger King, MadChef, Digger, Pagla Bucharchi, Harfi, Crisp, Cheese, CP Five Star and Chillax. Tickets can also be purchased directly from

Incidentally, after starting the journey in February 2022, Coke Studio Bangla released 22 songs with around 100 singers and artists. The platform showcases the hidden gems of country music and culture.

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