Happy birthday Moushumi, miss you so much: Omar Sunny

Happy birthday Moushumi, miss you so much: Omar Sunny
Happy birthday Moushumi, miss you so much: Omar Sunny

Today is the birthday of Moushumi, the legendary actress of Dhakai films. In the first hour of her birthday, fans expressed their love and respect to their beloved heroine by writing various greetings on social media. The actress was showered with wishes and love by media workers, producers and her colleagues too.

On the first hour of Mosumi’s birthday, her life partner actor Omar Sunny released a video message on social media. In this he expressed his deep love and best wishes to his wife Meisumi. He also said that he misses Moushumi.

Omar Sunny said in his video – Moushumi, Assalamu Alaikum. happy birthday I miss you so much. Staying far away in America for my daughter’s studies; But you know I don’t have a roof over my head. I’m missing Now it is twelve o’clock at night. You are the beloved Mosumi of all Bengalis.

Omar Sunny also said in the video message, Moushumi I am very blessed to have you. May Allah keep you healthy and well.

Moushumi was selected as a photo beauty in Anandavichitra in the nineties. After that he participated in various television programs. He made his film debut in 1993 with the movie ‘Kayamat Toni Kayamat’.

Omar Sani and Moushumi got married on 2 August 1995. Their two children are son Fardin and daughter Faizah.

Moushumi-Sunny first appeared together on the big screen in the movie ‘Dola’. After that they appeared in numerous movies including ‘Atma-Ahankar’, ‘Pratham Prem’, ‘Muktir Sangmar’, ‘Harano Prem’, ‘Gariber Rani’, ‘Priya Tumi’, ‘Ghat Pratighat’, ‘Sukher Swarga’, ‘Mithya Ahankar’. They acted as a pair.

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