Omar Sani congratulated Moushumi on his birthday

Omar Sani congratulated Moushumi on his birthday
Omar Sani congratulated Moushumi on his birthday

Omar Sani greeted Moushumi on her birthday. He congratulated him in a video message on his Facebook handle.

Omar Sani said in that video message, ‘Happy birthday Priyadarshini Moushumi. I miss you so much, you stay far away in America for my daughter’s studies. You know, I don’t have a roof over my head. Waiting till 12 pm. May Allah keep you well, keep you healthy, give you good life.’

Today is the birthday of Priyadarshini Moushumi, the beloved actress of Dhakai cinema. Moushumi was born in Khulna on this day in 1973. This special day is naturally a little different from other days of the year. Because there are various events around this day. Moushumi was showered with wishes and love especially from family, fan club and above all on social media.

But this time it is not like that. Moushumi’s husband, actor Omar Sani, said that Moushumi is not in the country on her birthday this year. She is currently staying in the United States for her daughter Faiza’s studies. So this time Mousumi celebrated her birthday with her daughter outside the country.

Moushumi tied the knot with Omar Sani on August 2, 1996. The couple has a son named Fardin Ehsan Swadhin and a daughter named Faiza. Sunny and Mausumi married their son Fardin in March 2021. Their daughter-in-law Sadia Rahman was born in Comilla. But he grew up and studied in Canada.

In 1993, Moushumi made her big screen debut with the movie ‘Kayamat Toni Kayamat’ directed by Sohanur Rahman Sohan opposite Salman Shah. After that, the actress did not have to look back. One after another, he has given the audience wonderful movies.

In Moushumi’s long career, Nargis Akhtar’s ‘Meghla Akash’ and Chazhi Nazrul Islam’s ‘Devdas’ have won National Film Awards.

Moushumi has achieved success as a producer as well as acting. The first movie he directed was ‘Kakhno Megh Kabhi Bristhi’. He then directed ‘Meher Nigar’ in 2006. Also producing two movies named ‘Shuny Hriday’, ‘Bhalobasboi To’.

Moushumi is also very good at singing. In 2004, Zahid Hossain directed a song in the movie ‘Matritva’. The actress gave voice to the song ‘Ki Je Zhun Lage Tumiheena’ in the movie ‘Tarakanta’ directed by Muhammad Mustafa Kamal Raj.

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