Subhasree will be the mother of 4 boys and 8 girls

Subhasree will be the mother of 4 boys and 8 girls
Subhasree will be the mother of 4 boys and 8 girls

Popular actress Subhasree Ganguly of Opar Bengal is going to be a mother again. And a few days later, the new member will come to director Raj Chakraborty’s house. Raj’s family is naturally very happy with the arrival of the second child after Yuvan. Meanwhile, Subhasree served as the judge of ‘Dance Bangla Dance’ while pregnant. The grand finale of the competition was held last Sunday. KK and Saki predict 3 judges in this set. And Shubashri was surprised by that.

Addressing Shubasree, Saki says, ‘After 15 years from today, the actress will have a beautiful house. So that Raj-Shubashri will have 4 mischievous-sweet sons and 8 golumolu daughters.’ Hearing such words, Subhashri’s eyes widened. Mithun Chakraborty said from the side, ‘That will no longer be a house.’ Shubashri started laughing after hearing this.

Subhasree Ganguly secretly loved Tollywood director Raj Chakraborty for a long time. The couple came under criticism for their love affair. Because before getting into a relationship with Subhasree, Raj was secretly in love with Tollywood actress Mimi Chakraborty. After all the criticism, Subhasree-Raj got engaged on March 6, 2018; They also completed the marriage ceremony on May 11 of the same year. Their son Yuvan was born on September 12, 2020


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