Karthik Aaryan told how he likes women

Karthik Aaryan told how he likes women
Karthik Aaryan told how he likes women

He is the most talked about actor of Bollywood. He is the reason for the storm in the hearts of many girls. He is the new generation actor Karthik Aryan.

From Janhvi Kapoor to Sara Ali Khan, Karthik has been linked with everyone. Sara was in the headlines repeatedly when she was in a relationship with Ali Khan.

After breaking up with Sara, he was alone for some time. Recently, Karthik won the best actor award for ‘Freddy’ at the OTT Awards. Karthik was asked on a television talk show what he likes.

What kind of girl likes Kartik Aryan as a lover? His fans also want to hear the answer to this question. Especially women look forward to how Kartik likes girls. While answering this question, Karthik said that he likes girls who have the qualities of Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. If he finds someone like that, he will make her his lover or engage in a relationship.

Karthik Aryan’s female fans are not few. Many girls in the subcontinent are crazy about him. A crowd of women is constantly gathering in front of his house. Karthik also does not turn anyone away. He came downstairs to meet them. Karthik’s choice of girlfriend is mostly told to them.

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