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What gift did Srabanti give to his son’s lover?

What gift did Srabanti give to his son’s lover?
What gift did Srabanti give to his son’s lover?

Srabanti Chatterjee is the popular actress of Tollywood. Personal life is discussed throughout the year. Her divorce case with her third husband Roshan is ongoing. On the other hand, there are many speculations about Sravanti’s love relationship with businessman Abhirup.

There is no end to criticism about the personal life of Srabanti’s son Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu is in love with a model named Damini Ghosh. Before this, he also told about his thoughts about his son’s love. Not only that, a few days ago, Sravanti went to Thailand for retirement with her future daughter-in-law Damini and son Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu with Damini Ghosh

Damini Ghosh has posted several pictures of her trip to Thailand on her Instagram. He also informed about a gift received from his future mother-in-law. It is known that Srabanti gave a bag as a gift. The bag is manufactured by Italian luxury brand Gucci.

Posting a photo of the bag on her Instagram story, Damini Ghosh wrote, ‘She knows my heart.’ Damini wrote the name of Srabanti’s Instagram ID with a heart emoji on the side.

Srabanti first married director Rajiv Biswas. Abhimanyu was born in this world. Srabanti already knows about Damini-Abhimanyu’s friendship. Sravanti has a great relationship with her son’s girlfriend. On January 1, 2021, Srabanti’s son announced his relationship with Damini.

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