Sew your mouth shut, Deepjol to Apu

Sew your mouth shut, Deepjol to Apu
Sew your mouth shut, Deepjol to Apu

Apu Biswas and Shabnam Bubli cannot see eye to eye. After two days, he got into a fight. Their war of words is raging on social media. Actor Manowar Hossain Dipzal is very upset about this. He asked Apu Biswas to sew his face.

In an interview given to the media recently, Dipzal said, ‘They should stop these dirty dramas. It is ruining the quality of the film. As a Muslim, Shakib can have two, four marriages. He has that ability. It is valid in our religion but why is there so much talk and drama about it?’

He also said, ‘but no one is watching their talks well. These films are bringing down the industry a lot. It is not right to come on television and say these things. If there is a problem between you, then talk through messages and sort it out. If any of them say something, they are appearing in the news. They can do something good if they stop these things and look at their own dignity and work in films.’

At this time Dipjal advised both Apu and Bubli. Apur said to him, ‘If you can, close your mouth with stitches. Be busy with the work where you are.’

Said to Bubli, ‘Bubli- it would be better if you stop your talk. You didn’t say anything. Crying on TV is bad. People don’t see you well. What we see in movies, you see in reality. You are artists, hide yourselves, or the public will respect you.’

All the enmity between Apu and Bubli surrounds Shakib Khan. Shakib-Apu’s marriage and children became public on April 10, 2017. After being hidden from the public eye for a long time, Apu brought Joy to the fore. Appearing on a TV channel with his son, Apu said that Shakib is the father of his child. Shakib-Apu got married in 2008. Joy was born on 27 September 2016 in Kolkata.

On the other hand, Bubli got married to Shakib on July 20, 2018. Their son Shehzad was born on March 21, 2020. On September 27, she made the marriage and children public by releasing a photo of her baby bump.

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