This actress gave new good news after breaking up with SI Tutul


Actress Tanya Ahmed married musician SI Tutul for love two years ago. But the married life was not happy. They walk on the path of separation as they do not get along with each other. Before this, these two stars were separated for about 5 years. The news of their divorce suddenly came to light at the end of July last year. Not only that, Tutul is also known to have married again in the United States.

Their separation has come to the fore recently. Tutul opened up about the reasons for the separation. In the meantime, actress Taniya Ahmed gave new good news. He said that he is acting in a new movie called ‘Taap’. It will be directed by Suman Dhar.

Initial conversation is final. Tanya is currently staying in the United States. The actress said that the film will be signed after returning to the country.

Tanya Ahmed said, ‘I have discussed everything with the director. All that remains is to be contracted. That would have happened. By now I had moved to the United States and that was no longer the case.

Tanya said that the story of the movie is parallel to two women. Then went to a line and met. I find it most extraordinary.’

Director Samun Dhar

Meanwhile, director Suman Dhar also said that Tanya Ahmed is one of the two central female characters of this film. According to the information given by Suman, the shooting of the movie will start from Chittagong by the end of the year. The director earlier won acclaim by making the web film ‘Shesh Chiti’ on Charki. This is going to be his first full length film.


Tanya Ahmed has completed the work of a movie named ‘Excuse Me’ before the talk of ‘Taap’ started. He said that he played a different character in that movie too. He said, ‘In this film I am the aunt of Vishnakalli. I have never done such a character. It is a challenge to play such a character.

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