Perth and her daughter together in Melbourne


The country’s traditional band Souls is currently based in Australia. The band performed at a musical night event at Williams Town Hall in Melbourne on September 16 to mark Souls’ 50th anniversary. Nakeeb Khan, founding member of Souls and composer and music director of numerous superhit songs, came on stage to commemorate Souls’ silver jubilee. Naqeeb Khan sings one by one in the performance of Souls – Mukhrit Jeevan, Tore Pupule Kath, Laga Jyotsna Raate, Hriday Kadamati songs. Souls and Naqeeb Khan’s songs had a different kind of euphoria in the hallowed audience. Souls performed 16 songs in about two hours. Interestingly, singer Parth Barua’s daughter Rupa Barua performed on stage with Souls for the first time. He studied in Melbourne. Roopa sang the song ‘Raat Hachi Baki’ along with father Parth Barua to the audience who came to see the concert. About the concert in Melbourne, Souls band leader Partha Barua said, the concert in Melbourne is memorable for Souls.

Because I didn’t expect to get Naqeeb Bhai on the same stage on the 50th anniversary of Souls.

I was able to present a good show to the audience. Talking about singing with her daughter, Parth said, Rupa studied in Melbourne. Sometimes sings. I never imagined that he would sing with us today. It is really very special for me. Today will be a memorable day for me in a long musical career. Musharraf Hossain Rehan, Kazi Hossain Bappi, Faridul Islam Riyad and Jamil Sakhawat of Iconic Trade Australia organized this musical night in Melbourne.

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