Apu emotional status

Apu emotional status
Apu emotional status

Popular Dhallywood actress Apu Biswas’s mother’s third death anniversary was on Monday. His mother Shefali Biswas passed away on September 18, 2020. Apu gets emotional remembering his mother on her third death anniversary. The month of September was a time of great joy and pain in the life of the heroine. She became the mother of a son in this month. He lost his mother again this month. Due to which Apur remembers many things when the month of September comes. Which silenced him for a while. Expressing the mixed feelings of September, Apu Biswas wrote on Facebook, “I have spent three years without you, mother.” I don’t know how long I have to be without you. You don’t know a lot, believe it or not, but I’m very happy that you don’t know a lot, you’re on the other side with your faith.
He also wrote, know mother one day this month of September was very happy for me because in this month I became a mother. I lost my mother again this month. Again this month is a lot of victory for me and your life… September is actually a lot to look forward to. Apu Biswas writes, I know you are not seeing any of these, mother. I don’t like writing on Facebook at all. But I shared some of my thoughts with all the mothers out of love for you. Be well on the other side, bless me and Joy a lot.

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