The sad news on the day of the chariot, Mir left Radio Mirchi

BanglaHunt Desk: What does Mir Afsar Ali mean? Some will say Miracle, some will say acting on the big screen. But Mir has one more identity, or was better said. He is an RJ. Mir has been working as a radio jockey for a long time.

The townspeople woke up hearing his voice. He’s that ‘morning man’. He has enriched Radio Mirchi for many years. Now it’s time to retire. Mir reported this upsetting morning on the cloudy morning of Rath’s day.

Mir gave a big message on social media this morning. He has announced his retirement from a long 26-year radio career. Mir started his career on the radio on August 6, 1994.

Mir shared a picture of that early period. Wrote with, ‘This picture is the first day on Akashvani. 7th August ’94: Everyone to listen to me. But I left Mirchi. Not the radio. Having trouble… a little. That’s 98.3%. ‘

Mir started his radio career with Akashvani. He was on Radio Mirchi for many years. However, Mir has not yet clarified whether he will change the station or start a new station himself. He is currently busy with the big screen.

Mir Afsar Ali has a special popularity due to his intelligence and sarcasm. It is not only difficult to give him an ace in this matter, but it is not possible! Someone trolled almost every one of his posts. There is no point in posting greetings at any other religious festival.

The fundamentalists came running. But Mir is not tired. He loves to laugh, he also loves to laugh. And this work is very well known to the performers of ‘Miracle’.
The comment box of every post of Mir overflowed with comments. Mir also replied to any of the bizarre comments. But of course in its own style. And his way of answering went viral on the net instantly.

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