Signs that the boy will not marry you

Lifestyle Desk: Have been in a love relationship for a long time. But the relationship seems stuck in one place. Not going forward, not going back. Doubtful about the future of the relationship. So make a decision now. Certain behaviors of your partner/partner will tell you that he/she does not want to marry you.

1. When asked to talk about the future, he ignored
Does he feel uncomfortable or avoid you whenever you try to talk to him about the future? Or does he brush it off whenever you bring it up? So be careful now. Maybe something else is going on in his head. This could be a sign that he doesn’t want to marry you.

2. He never takes you into his family
All your blood relatives may know about him but you are only known to his circle of friends. It is also a bad sign that he does not take you to his parents or any family member.

3. I’m not ready yet
You may have been dating for a long time. Partner may also be earning well. But still he just says I am not ready for marriage yet. If this is the case, understand that he may never be ready again.

4. He seems to be anti-marriage
Think her thoughts about marriage are not beautiful? Is getting married at the bottom of his list? Or does he consider marriage a suicide mission? Then you have good reason to worry. Such cold thinking will make your future dark.

5. He is not interested in your future plans
You could probably write a whole book about him and what he wants to do in the future. But does he know anything about what’s in store for you? Is he at all interested in this matter? Think about it.

6. Your dates are limited to bed only
You might have arranged a candlelit dinner at the most romantic restaurant in town but he blew it. As a result, your dating is limited to bed and popcorn and Netflix. Admittedly, this type of dating is the most comfortable. But it’s not always right. Bed dating means that the chances of this relationship moving forward are slim to none.

7. He never utters those magical words
You often express your love for her verbally over and over again. But he ignored it as politely as possible. He has set limits on himself to say those magical words to you. If this is the case, be alert now.

8. He wants to live-in first
He insists you stay together without marriage, repeatedly saying, ‘I’ll get married, so what’s wrong with staying together?’ If so, be careful. Understand that the partner’s intentions are not good. Remember that marriage is not a show or a game that needs to be practiced before finally starting married life.

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9. You share his happiness and not his sorrow
Do you just share his happiness, but in his sad moments he does not want you by his side? But it is said, “Happy moments can be shared with anyone, but sad moments need someone especially close.” Now if you are not someone particularly close to him then you have enough reason to worry.

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