In 110 Pa Sandesh magazine, Sandeep Roy published the work of four generations of the family

In 110 Pa Sandesh magazine, Sandeep Roy published the work of four generations of the family
In 110 Pa Sandesh magazine, Sandeep Roy published the work of four generations of the family

Khas Desk: The Dreamers Music P.R agency’s ten-year calendar presents the cover of Sandesh magazine. Sudipta Chandra is the leader of this innovative planning organization. In collaboration with Genius Kids. the

This special calendar was released in the presence of Sandeep Roy at ICCR’s Spices and Sauces Cafe. This year Sandesh newspaper has entered 110 years.

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The current editor Sandeep Roy, publisher Amitanand Das, prominent archivist Debjit Bandopadhyay, prominent Satyajit researcher Debashis Mukherjee, Vikas Kumar Singh of Genius Kids, Sudipta Chand of The Dreamers and others discussed the evolution, present and future plans of Sandesh magazine.

Note that in 1913, the journey of ‘Sandesh’ newspaper started with the hand of Upendra Kishore Roy Chowdhury. U. Roy & Sons was its publisher. Upendrakishore and his two sons Sukumar and Subinay were associated with it. However, the newspaper was out of print twice, first in 1929 and then in 1934. The new form of the newspaper started in 1961 under the guidance of Satyajit Ray. Subhash Mukhopadhyay was the co-editor at that time.

Characters like Feluda, Professor Shanku made their debut in the pages of Sandesh by taking the hand of Satyajit’s short stories. Stories like ‘Bunkubabu’s friend’ also appeared in Sandesh. Sandeep Roy took over the responsibility of editing the magazine in the nineties. Amitananda Das was with him.

Many have decorated the cover, but four generations of the Roy family have been particularly engaged in it. Upendrakishore, Sukumar, Satyajit and Sandeep – the work of all four is highlighted in the calendar. About this six-page wall calendar, Sandeep Roy said, “Very good initiative to commemorate 110 years of Sandesh through the calendar. It is undeniable that Sandesh is a children’s magazine. This magazine has been enriched over the years by the work of all Dikpal writers. A hundred years later, it is still being published. The calendar uses several covers that recall the magazine’s glory days.” Entrepreneur Sudipta Chand said, “I have also read this magazine, my writing was also published while studying at Mitra Institution Bhavanipur. I am very happy to be able to publish this special calendar in the 10th year of our organization.”

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