‘Pathan’ is looting Bengal, Kaushik’s complaint! Distributor Shatadeep claims, we will do business!

Personal Correspondent: The familiar image is once again in front.

It is as if the Bengali circle is defeated by the Hindi circle. Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathan’ will be released in the evening. Bengal will have to pay for it? From January 25, the latest known Tollywood films are going to change. ‘Prajapati’, ‘Hatyapuri’, ‘Hami 2’, ‘Kaveri Antardhaan’ were running in theaters for so long. Two consecutive ‘houseful boards’ hung on Kaushik Gangopadhyay’s film on Sunday too. The director-actor regretted to Aajkal.in on Monday, “My film will not get a show from Wednesday.” Only four days old. Well before it reaches the audience it is being claimed. Because, instructions have come from Mumbai, if ‘Pathan’ is to be run, only ‘Pathan’ should give the show. As a result, almost all Bengali films, including ‘Kaveri Antardhan’, ‘Prajapati’, ‘Hami 2’, have moved away from a handful of cinemas in the city.”

Bratya Bengal itself in its own state? Tollywood’s biggest regret, the face of Bengal who is writing his name in the bankruptcy book of the Bengali entertainment world with his arrival! This ‘Dadagiri’ is not possible in South India. In Kaushik’s words, “Deccan language reigns in the south.” We are all Bengalis. Can tolerate very well from small. Now I am suffering the consequences!” The director also claimed that even though Sansad Dev’s film is doing great business, it is not getting any water at the moment! Sandeep Roy, Shivprasad Mukhopadhyay, Kaushik Gangopadhyay are only directors there! ‘Butterfly’ has already been removed from Priya theatres. Hall owner Arijit Dutt is clear in this regard, “Priya was closed for eight months after the fire destroyed it. At that time, I did not find anyone beside me except a handful of people. If Bengali films can’t run in my eight months, then the next two weeks can too.

Bangla film cornered by Shahrukh’s film. Does Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee know about this? Did Kaushik or other directors think about courting him? The question was to Kaushik. The director’s reply, “Even if Shah Rukh Khan himself knew, he would not have allowed his film to run like this.” The Chief Minister may not give. But who will join forces with him?” The director’s argument, someone must tie a bell to the cat’s neck! There is no one to stop that. When someone has a problem, he opens his mouth. The rest stay locked up. Does this work? Kaushik’s words were also heard in the Facebook video of actor Saheb Bhattacharya. Both of them claim that if this continues day after day, Bengali films will become extinct one day.

The owner of Navina Theater, however, did not remove Bengali films from his theatre. According to him, if everyone united and showed this emphasis, the Bengali entertainment world might have changed.

Standing at this place, the distributor Shatadeep Saha said the complete opposite. His counter question, “We will not do business?” This is our income. Yash Raj Films is bringing ‘Paathan’ on January 25, the date has been fixed for a long time. All the Bengali films that got released were so confident that they thought ‘Pathan’ would topple. Is that possible? We would have thought if the rest of the Bengali films gave such business. After ‘Prajapati’, ‘Hatyapuri’, ‘Hami 2’, there are no people in theaters to see Bengali films! Shatadeep also said that the same situation will be in the case of ‘Pathan’. If the film has generated so much controversy, it cannot do business properly. Then Bengali films will reign supreme in Bengal.

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