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A pair of villains in puja, along with dengue, covid positivity rates are increasing by leaps and bounds

Maitreyi Bhattacharya: The number of dengue cases is increasing in the entire state including Kolkata. The state health department held a meeting with private hospitals and labs in Kolkata last week to deal with the situation. They have been told clearly that the cost of dengue treatment should be kept under control. But the worrying thing is that the corona positivity rate is silently increasing in the meantime. Worship ahead. Therefore, the state administration wants to be alerted in advance. Government statistics in the state say that the Covid positivity rate has doubled in just 20 days. Along with this, the number of daily infected has also increased. According to experts, the positivity rate is increasing as a result of Belagam association in the puja market. Even if there is no danger, it is necessary to be careful now.

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How has the corona positivity rate increased? According to the state government statistics, the number of corona patients in the state was 210 on September 1. The positivity rate was 2.29 percent. A week later on September 7, the number of infected increased to 230. The positivity rate rose to 2.61 percent. In the next week, i.e. on September 14, the number of corona patients increased to 275. The positivity rate rose to 3.41 percent. In the fourth week of September i.e. on September 21, the number of corona patients increased to 365. The positivity rate increased to 4.62 percent. As a result, the positivity rate has almost doubled in the last three weeks.

On the rise of dengue, doctor Yogiraj Roy said, this time there is a trend of severe cough among dengue patients. This was not the case before. The oxygen level of some people is also decreasing. In this case it can be said that many may have had lung infection, some may have had covid earlier. Fluids are usually given in case of dengue. In many cases it appears that more ploidy is required. In that case, breathing is difficult.

It should be noted that 16 people have died of dengue in the state so far. Yesterday also an old man died in Banshadrani. According to yesterday’s statistics, 701 dengue cases have been reported in the state in the last 24 hours. 221 people infected with dengue in Kolkata. The total number of dengue cases in the state is 14 thousand.

Why is dengue increasing?

1) Late dengue test.
2) Many are testing on the fifth or sixth day of fever.
3) By then the complexity increases.
4) lack of fluid in the body.
5) The concentration of blood components starts to increase.
6) Platelets decrease.
7) Blood vessels leak and plasma starts coming out.
8) Fluid starts accumulating in different parts of the body.

Block level hospitals have been told by the state health department to recommend dengue testing in case of fever. Dengue test can be done free of cost in government labs. Experts recommend doing a total of three tests only if there is a fever. They are dengue, covid and malaria. If dengue is positive, the two other tests can be done free of cost in government labs.

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