Chest pain What is the difference between chest pain due to coronavirus and anxiety dgtl

Compared to the last two years, the increase in Corona is slightly less. But not stable. The daily number of corona infected patients in this state is not less. It is rainy season, it has corona thorns on it. All in all, it’s important to stay safe. Some physical problems like fever, cold, cough, sore throat are also seen during monsoon. According to doctors, many people are avoiding the symptoms of corona thinking that it is a seasonal infection. In this, the virus is spreading from each other to different people.

Apart from some common symptoms like cold, covid also causes symptoms like chest pain and shortness of breath. According to research, about 1.77 percent of corona patients have chest pain problem. Coroner report positive. But there are no other symptoms. Just chest pain.

In very rare cases, the only symptom of corona is chest pain. Image-symbol

There are no less such examples. Doctors are saying that chest pain may be due to some other reason, but many people are coming to get tested assuming it could be corona virus. Apart from corona, emotional anxiety can also cause chest pain. The exact cause should be recognized by the symptoms.

Work pressure, not fulfilling all wishes as per expectations, etc. can cause stress due to various reasons. His influence was immediate. Heart beats fast. Pressure is felt in the chest muscles. Many people were suffering from mental anxiety due to several reasons like unemployment, sickness due to Covid. The number of people under stress increased by almost 25 percent. As a result, although the corona situation is a cause for concern, the cause of chest pain in all cases is the corona virus.

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Do not stress? What is the cause of chest pain? How to understand?

1) Chest pain due to mental anxiety does not last more than 5-10 minutes. But if the cause of chest pain is corona, then it lasts for a day or two.

2) In very few cases, chest pain is the only symptom of corona. As a result, there is no reason to panic and increase anxiety thinking that it is corona if there is discomfort in the chest. Rather, it can be seen with a little rest at that time. Corona will have some other symptoms along with chest pain.

3) In case of mild fever, cold and cough with chest pain, it is important to get ‘RTPCR’ done without delay. If the test result is not positive, then consult a doctor once.

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