Hot pulses ghee and rice! You’re reading right, there’s nothing better than Corona fatigue, know why

Even after overcoming Corona, many people are not feeling completely healthy. Chronic damage to multiple organs of the body is happening. Along with this, there is another symptom. That is fatigue. Even after recovering from covid, this fatigue does not go away. Many have faced this problem during the pandemic.

Physical exhaustion is very normal after fighting a viral infection. After a while it goes away. But even after weeks, months or years, if problems like fatigue, difficulty in concentration affect daily activities, it should be looked at seriously. There are some necessary steps to take to get rid of the chronic effects of covid on the body. Here are some tips on the same as suggested by nutritionists.

Black pepper powder in lemon juice: The body becomes dehydrated due to covid or any other viral infection. This is why drinking enough water every day is important. Along with this, drink lemon juice. A lemon and a little salt in a glass of water. It will refresh the body and give energy. But there is no need to add cold water or ice to the syrup.

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Warm dal and rice with ghee: Steamed hot rice with a spoonful of ghee. There is no comparison. Unique in taste – perfect for providing nutrients and protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats. A protein-rich diet speeds up the healing process and helps rejuvenate the body in the post-Covid phase. Carbohydrates like rice are essential for fueling the body. Healthy fats like ghee help hormones to function properly. Also boosts immunity and helps recover from post covid fatigue.

A banana at the start of the day or after lunch: Bananas are rich in potassium, carbohydrates and fiber. Hence works as a great energy booster. It will also help improve digestion and improve overall health. Instead of drinking cup after cup of tea or coffee for energy, it’s better to eat filling and nutritious fruits like bananas.

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Regular exercise: Any physical or mental activity requires energy. But it is better not to rush to return to the old routine. If you feel able to workout, start slowly. It is likely to get a little tiring. But don’t give up. Start walking, running, skipping. Then gradually increase the intensity.

Get enough sleep and rest, only then will the body recover: Resting for a few days is essential after recovery from illness. However, many people spend this time watching TV or gossiping on the phone. There is no profit in it. Rather, the body should be given sleep and adequate rest. Only then can you recover quickly.

Published by:Arpita Roy Chowdhury

First published: September 01, 2022, 10:30 IST

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