The new form of Corona is spreading fear

The new form of Corona is spreading fear
The new form of Corona is spreading fear

Corona virus is spreading fear again. Paralyzing the whole world for more than three years, this virus does not want to go away. Constantly changing form and wanting to survive. In that way, the virus is increasing in new forms in different countries of the world.

The new form of corona virus, Pirola virus, has already spread to 11 countries. And the World Health Organization is worried about the speed with which it is spreading. Till now there is no clear idea about the killing power of Pirola, but experts say that it weakens human antibodies.

This new species can reduce the ability of antibodies in the human body. Such antibodies bind to the viral strain and inactivate it, but Pyrrola has the ability to destroy the quality of the antibody itself. And this is why the world’s top health experts are worried.

Recently, the World Health Organization discovered the existence of this virus named BA.2.86. This new species is actually another form of Omicron. Four countries have so far confirmed the outbreak of Pirola, Denmark, Israel, the United States and Britain.

According to the World Health Organization, Pirola has spread to several other countries. However, they don’t have enough information about how dangerous and contagious this form is. The World Health Organization said that more surveillance and data collection is necessary for this.

Hence Pirola is now under the category of ‘variant under monitoring’ and detailed data collection has started. However, the World Health Organization has issued a warning about this. According to Yale Medicine, the cause of concern is the prevalence of mutations. Pirola has a lot in common with delta and omicron forms.

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