Don’t worry, I haven’t thought of smoking yet, Kajol publicly assured Ajay

Mumbai : Collision of the star couple! Who won and lost? Ajay Devgan announced the results himself by starting the competition. At the core of the challenge, who can deliver the dialogue with a cigarette in hand? The dialogue is about cigarettes, about not lighting a cigarette.

Ajay added clips of two films. One of which is Kajol’s ‘Tribhanga’ and his own ‘Runway 34’. Both clips have some kind of dialogue.

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Kajol is first seen talking on the phone. Holding a pack of cigarettes. Catch the face of the packet. A woman came forward. Kajal was talking to someone on the phone. Suddenly the woman came in front of him and he was startled, “What happened?” The woman said, “Ma’am, smoking is prohibited here.” Kajal raised the packet and asked, “Is it burning?” “No” Kajol’s question is, “Then?”

In the next clip, Ajay is seen standing inside the toilet. Smoked cigarette. Lighter in hand. Another man washes his hands in the basin and says, “You can’t smoke here.” Ajay says in a heavy voice, “I didn’t light it.”

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Posting the video, Ajay praised his wife and wrote, ‘Kajal has lost me.’ Under her husband’s post, Kajol wrote, ‘Don’t worry… I haven’t even thought of pulling it yet.’

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First published: September 22, 2022, 19:24 IST

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