Tiger-deer-tree, Faria said if you don’t see it, you will miss it

Actress Nusrat Faria commented that if you don’t watch the film Operation Sundarbans, you will miss a lot.

A special screening of the movie was organized at Star Cineplex in Bashundhara City of the capital on Tuesday night. Appearing there, Faria said, if you don’t watch this film, you will miss a lot. I have tried my best to do well, the rest is up to you. Everyone come to the theater.’

With this film, Nusrat Faria is coming to the cinema hall with a new film after two and a half years. This heroine appeared in a special dress in a special exhibition. White colored gown. The gown depicts the image of the Sundarbans. It seems that he has wrapped the entire Sundarbans in his body. In which tigers, deers and beautiful trees have been seen.

Faria said, Samina Sara made this beautiful gown.

For the first time in the film, the actor has teamed up with Siyam Ahmem. Here Faria will be seen as a ‘tiger researcher’. Faria told Samakal that the film ‘Operation Sundarban’ is about pirates and natural diversity in the Sundarbans. Everyone will see me as a tiger researcher.

The film is directed by Deepankar Deepan. Expressing gratitude to the attendant on this day, Faria said, “Congratulations to Deepan (Dipankar) Dada for the way in which the beauty of Sundarbans has been highlighted in ‘Operation Sundarbans’. I actually watched the movie with fascination.

Apart from Faria, the film’s director Dipankar Deepan, actors Siam Ahmed, Riaz Ahmed, Monir Khan Shimul, Ziaul Roshan, Manoj Pramanik, Arman Parvez Murad and the crew of the film and senior officers of police and RAB were present in the event.

The big screen film is produced by RAB Forces Welfare Trust. The film has been produced under the supervision of Legal Media under the inspiration of former RAB Director General Benazir Ahmed. Producer Dipan has already said that various battalions of RAB have provided assistance in the production of the film. It is reported that the profits of the movie will be spent on the welfare of the coastal areas including victim assistance, rehabilitation of ex-pirates.


Riaz, Siam Ahmed, Nusrat Faria, Roshan, Taskin Rahman, Rawonk Hasan, Shatabdi Wadud, Manoj Pramanik, Samina Bashar, Dipu Imam, Ehsanur Rahman and many others are acting in different roles in this movie.

The article is in Bengali

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