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How ‘stepmother’ Camilla is in Prince William-Harry’s eyes

How ‘stepmother’ Camilla is in Prince William-Harry’s eyes
How ‘stepmother’ Camilla is in Prince William-Harry’s eyes

Princess Diana’s fairytale marriage to Britain’s current King Charles III ended in a bitter divorce. It was none other than King Charles III’s current wife, Camilla, who was blamed for the breakup of his marriage.

After Charles’ divorce from the wildly popular Princess Diana, Camellia had to navigate a mountain of controversy to make herself acceptable as Charles’ wife.

Over the years, Camilla has been criticized for ruining the Charles-Diana fairytale royal love story. But at one point, Camila got her acceptance right. Even the late Queen Elizabeth II announced that Camilla would be given the title of ‘Queen Consort’ if her son Prince Charles became king.

However, despite being accepted by the royal family, how is Camilla in the eyes of Charles-Diana’s two children, Prince William and Prince Harry?

Prince Harry gave the answer to that question long ago, right after Camilla’s marriage with Charles in 2005. Said that Camilla is not a bad stepmother at all. According to Prince Harry, she is a ‘wonderful woman’ who has made our father very, very happy, which is the most important thing.

“William and I love him too,” said Harry. Source: AFP

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