Officially divorced, Honey Singh gave Rs 1 crore to his wife

Officially divorced, Honey Singh gave Rs 1 crore to his wife
Officially divorced, Honey Singh gave Rs 1 crore to his wife

Popular rapper Honey Singh and his wife Shalini Talwar have officially finalized their divorce.

According to Indian media sources, their divorce has been finalized in the Saket District Court of Delhi. After finalizing the divorce with Shalini, Honey Singh handed over a check of Rs.1 crore to Shalini.

Last year, Shalini Talwar accused Honey Singh of sexual harassment, emotional abuse and financial abuse. Later filed a lawsuit. Shalini demanded Rs 20 crore compensation from this singer.

However, Honey Ning later denied the allegations against him. In a statement on photo and video sharing site Instagram, he wrote, ‘Deeply saddened by the false and purposeful allegations made against me and my family by my partner/wife of 20 years, Shalini Talwar. Most of these allegations are outrageous. In the past, I have never made any public statement despite the criticism, physical condition, false news about me and the lyrics. But I don’t see any point in keeping quiet now because the allegations are against my elderly parents and younger sister, who have stood by me in difficult times. These allegations are despicable and defamatory.’

The singer also wrote, ‘Been in this industry for 15 years and worked with many artistes. They all know about my relationship with my wife. Because he used to be a crew member at all my shootings, events, meetings. I deny all allegations against me. But I will not say anything about it because the matter is under trial now. I have complete faith in the judicial system. I hope the truth will be revealed very soon.’

Besides, he requested the fans not to have any bad idea about him and his family before the court verdict. Honey Singh also expressed his gratitude to his fans for inspiring him in the past.

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