The ‘scandals’ of the royal family shook Queen Elizabeth

The ‘scandals’ of the royal family shook Queen Elizabeth
The ‘scandals’ of the royal family shook Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-serving monarch, has breathed her last at Balmoral Palace surrounded by loved ones after 70 years on the throne. He was 96 years old.

Queen Elizabeth witnessed many historical events during her long stay on the British throne. In one day, he managed the administration with strong hands, on the other hand, he had to deal with various storms that came over the royal family. After his death, the scandals of the royal family have been brought to the fore again.

Princess Diana, Prince Charles and ‘The Third Man’
Princess Diana complained in an interview with the BBC in 1995 that ‘there were three of us in this wedding’ – she, Charles and his long-time lover Camilla. So there was less space.’

Simply put, Diana was outraged by the extramarital affair between Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. Not only that, he also admitted to having a relationship with one of his trainers named James Hewitt. Dayna’s relationship with Dodi Al-Fayed is also widely known. Queen Elizabeth was outraged at the prospect of this scandal becoming public.

Andrew Parker Bowles and Camilla divorced in 1995. Just a year later in 1996, Princess Diana and Charles ended their relationship.

Diener died in a road accident in Paris in 1997. Then Charles married Camilla in 2005. Queen Elizabeth was also present at the wedding. However, even though she had no special love for Diana, Queen Elizabeth could not accept this marriage from her heart.

Princess Anne’s extramarital affairs
Princess Anne is the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II. She is married to famous Olympian Mark Philip. But that relationship was not a happy one. They divorced in 1992 after nearly twenty years of marriage. A British newspaper called the marriage a ‘joyless drama’. It was then that Anne’s extramarital affairs were leaked to the media. Anne’s letters to Timothy Lawrence, a naval officer stationed at the palace, are revealed. As a result of this scandal, the British royal family has to face irony.

Prince Harry’s Vegas Adventure
Prince Harry had a penchant for breaking tradition from an early age. He found the strict restrictions of the royal family difficult. At the age of 20, he caused controversy by wearing a Nazi costume at a party. Harry apologized for using him like that though. In 2012, he got involved in controversy once again. Naked pictures of Prince Harry taken in Las Vegas have gone viral. Duke of Sussex Harry was shocked by this incident that happened before going to Afghanistan as a member of the British army. In his words, at the end of the day, I may have brought myself down too much. I have ruined my family. But I think this is because the attitude of the soldier came more than that of the prince.

In the context of the Afghan war, the storm of criticism that arose among the British public in this incident reached Buckingham Palace.

The Harry-Meghan Rebellion
Harry-Meghan’s wedding was virtually an ‘open-air’ entry into the British royal family. Because, Megan’s body did not have royal blood. Besides, she was a divorced American actress. Therefore, Harry’s bold move, many thought, this time the conservative royal family will be freed from some reforms. An environment bound by the iron chains of tradition and royal behavior may become normal. But it didn’t happen. Queen Elizabeth II could not accept this rebellious attitude of the new generation. The marital dispute became so complicated that Harry-Meghan announced in 2020 that they were severing ties with the royal family. Which got the name ‘Megzeit’ in the British press.

In an interview given in 2021, Harry and Meghan made explosive allegations one after another. Princess Meghan said that at one time she was in such a situation that she even thought of suicide. Not only Meghan, Prince Harry also opened up about his deteriorating relationship with his father. In that explosive interview, Britain was practically in an uproar.

Prince Andrew’s exile from the royal family
One of the scandals of the British royal family is the exile of Prince Andrew. He got involved in the controversy on the accusation of sex scandal. Andrew was accused of sexual exploitation by social worker Virginia Zuffre. She claims that Andrew forced her to have sex with her despite being a minor. Not only that, Virginia also made explosive allegations that Andrew and his friend Jeffrey Epstein kept her as a ‘prostitute’.

Meanwhile, without stopping the storm of controversy, Andrew opened his mouth in support of the American billionaire and Epstein, who is accused in the case of trafficking and rape of minors. As a result, fierce criticism began. He faced strong public anger. During the trial in 2022, Andrew was stripped of all rights and military honors as a member of the royal family. It is also reported that he can no longer use the words ‘His Royal Highness’ with his name. Queen Elizabeth was moved by this feat of her son.

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