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Cameron Diaz | Cameron Diaz gets some nasty comments from social media after she allegedly made crude comment against a magazine staff dgtl

Who knew that sweet-faced Cameron Diaz is so ‘rude’! Such comments are floating against Cameron these days in the net media. He cursed a Hollywood newspaper worker, let him have cancer! After this, many started cursing Cameron.

In a recent unpublished autobiography, Ian Weiner, co-founder of Rolling Stone magazine, made some sensational claims. He also opened his mouth against an actress there. Although Cameron made that comment, he did not write anywhere in his autobiography. However, at the time Ian wrote, Justin Timberlake and Cameron had a very close relationship. At that time, in a photoshoot, “an actress” cursed one of Ian’s workers, “Pray, give you cancer!” Naturally, Cameron’s name was not mentioned, but it didn’t take long for anyone to understand that he was behind Ian. As a result, they did not take long to jump on Cameron.

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Ian’s autobiography ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ is due to be released on September 13. In that, he brought up some of Cameron’s old sayings. Cameron’s name is nowhere to be found, though. However, in 2006, the paparazzi captured Cameron’s famous kiss while on vacation with Justin in Hawaii. Ian’s newspaper staff leaked it at the time. And the events of the period Ian spoke of were also of that period. As a result, Ian’s ‘actress’, Cameron, has been compared by many people on the net. After this, many commented on the net media, “Really, he (Cameron) is not less known as rude and rude?? For those who have met him, the rumors seem to be true this time.

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‘I want to bite your lips!

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Many of them can’t believe the Cameron that the audience enjoyed in the late 90s. Many people can’t believe that the sweet heroine of hit films like ‘There’s Something About Mary’ of that time can make such ugly comments. However, a section of the net media has erupted in anger against Cameron. One of them commented, ‘It seems that he is a disgusting person. Someone says such a horrible thing!’

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