Sudipta Chakraborty: Not marriage, cohabitation, ‘Kholam Kuchi’ Sudipta praises two lives

Sudipta Chakraborty, G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: The web series ‘Kholam Kuchi’ is being aired on the web platform ‘Uribaba’. Starring Anindya Sengupta, Shreya Bhattacharya, Arpita Ghosh, Senjuti Roy Mukhopadhyay, Kripabindu Chowdhury, Sulgna Nath, Sucharita Manna, Subhankar Ghatak. The story of ‘Kholam Kuchi’ is written by Saurabh Palodhi and Saumeet Dev. The music of the film is directed by Devdeep Mukherjee. Many viewers have already seen this web series of 6 episodes. National award winning actress Sudipta Chakraborty has seen this web series directed by Sourav Palodhi. Panchmukh Sudipta praises ‘Kholam Kuchi’ on her Facebook page. What exactly did the actress write about this web series?

Sudipta writes, ‘Kholam kuchi….. great!!! Clever ideas, tasteful writing, bold cast selection, impossibly right size, average acting (by everyone), very simple delivery of very difficult words, appropriate locations, beautiful cinematography, use of great soundtracks and songs — all of which have huge budgets. It was not, it was understood, but it was wonderful to see. A strange depressing nostalgia and the creation of a dream world in it — oh, if only it were true!! Saurav Palodhi you do much more. Make movies, make series, play, write. I didn’t write anything on anyone’s name because everyone is great!!! It doesn’t seem like this thing would have been possible without a great teamwork. B: Dr: Brother Sourav, after reading this article, everyone will think that you have signed me for your next project. You have made the advance payment, now I am just counting the days for shooting. But that is not right, it will be very difficult to say publicly now. It will be easier than that to really take me on your next project. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun. You seem to be an actors’ delight.

This post by Sudipta Chakraborty on ‘Kholam Kuchi’ was shared by Isha Sarkar, Saurabh Chakraborty. Isha wrote to Sudipta Chakraborty, ‘I die happily, my heart is touched, I have to take the responsibility of increasing courage but…’. Sourav wrote, ‘A very loved actress and when people say this… Ahlad 8 keno 800 wo hawa jaa’.

Speaking about ‘Kholam Kuchi’ earlier, director Saurabh Palodhi said, ‘Kholam Kuchi is not a piece of clay, it is a piece of life.’ In his words, ‘It becomes easier to do many things from the city. However, it is not easy for two people of complete opposite poles to live together without marriage away from the city. Even when one drinks on Saturday night, and the other fasts because of some absurd superstition.’ In the director’s words, this series can be called a “social satire” in short. Everyone says, “Opposites attract each other. Although there is probably no truth to this in reality.

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