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Ranbir Kapoor is my inspiration: NTR 1179618 | The voice of time

Ranbir Kapoor is my inspiration: NTR 1179618 | The voice of time
Ranbir Kapoor is my inspiration: NTR 1179618 | The voice of time

Director SS Rajamouli revealed information about ‘RRR’ actor Jr NTR at a promotional event for ‘Brahmastra’ in Hyderabad on Friday (September 2). When she joined Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt on stage, she shared this information.

Rajamouli says Jr. NTR feels Ranveer’s songs from the movie ‘Rockstar’ by heart. He shared how NTR sang a Rockstar song at a get-together in Mumbai and surprised Ranveer.


Ranbir Kapoor in the movie ‘Rockstar’

SS Rajamouli said on the occasion, “We were in Mumbai to promote ‘RRR’. One night we had a reunion. So we started playing Rockstar songs on TV. Tarak (NTR) started singing the song along with the song playing on TV. Ranveer was completely shocked. It’s not even Hindi, it’s a bit of Kashmiri Hindi. I myself don’t know the lines of the song and Tarak was singing by heart. Ranveer was quite surprised. We’re obviously not surprised because we know what kind of talent Tarak has. “

NTR in ‘Brahmastra’ campaign

In this context, Junior NTR himself said that Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Rockstar’ is his favorite movie. He added, “There is one actor I really relate to and that is Ranveer. Every movie of his has inspired me as an actor and my favorite is ‘Rockstar’. He inspires me. I really like Ranveer a lot. It’s great to share a stage with him today in my hometown Hyderabad. “

Source: Hindustan Times

The article is in Bengali

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