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Sreelekha Mitra | Sreelekha Mitra lashes out as people questioned her for being drunk on her birthday dgtl

Srilekha Mitra does not have peace even on her birthday. The actress turned 50 in less than 24 hours. On Tuesday, the actress also celebrated with close people. Eating and drinking, dancing and singing, hollod started from Monday night. The actress also shared the moments of the birthday celebration on the internet. Regardless of the picture, the flood of sarcasm started immediately.

The actress shared a video of her drinking tequila shots on her birthday. Seeing that, different people have different comments. And on hearing that, Srilekha got angry. He wrote, ‘The video of my taking a tequila shot has gone viral. Poor people have to eat cheap Bengali with stolen money, it may have hurt to see me drinking expensive alcohol. Ah! I ate on my birthday, in my own house, with my own money – I did it. I don’t eat on anyone’s inspiration.’

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Such a sudden comment in the midst of birthday happiness is quite offensive. Srilekha told Anandabazar Online in this regard, “They don’t deserve my attention.” I didn’t celebrate my birthday with someone’s father’s money. Well, if they earn some money by slandering my name, that’s fine. I don’t care.” For now, Srilekha wants to concentrate on his management. He will start his next film very soon.

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