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Partha Majumdar claims that SI Tutul did not marry a second time

Last July, musician SI Tutul said that he married US expatriate Sharmin Siraj Sonia. Sonia-Tutul also admitted the matter of marriage in the media. But suddenly there are rumors flying on social media that Tutul-Sonia are not married.

SI Tutul is currently based in USA. Tried to contact him on WhatsApp but could not be contacted. However, Tutul’s close friend, musician Partha Majumdar, has opened up about Tutul’s marriage. He said that Tutul-Sonia is not married.

On Wednesday (August 31), Partha Majumdar gave a long status on his Facebook. This artist said, “I asked Tutul directly, are you married?” He told me, ‘No, I am not married. But maybe I will.’ I have his writings and words. But there is nothing more unscrupulous than writing on the belief of someone, expressing one’s own words. So I didn’t do that.”

SI Tutul with Sharmin Siraj Sonia

Partha Majumdar emphasized the issue of not getting married, “I told Tutul, if you get married, you have done it; Whether you do or not is entirely up to you. Why do you say that to me? He told me, ‘Dada, I am not married. At least I won’t lie to you.’ Now if he has lied, that is his business.”

Tutul asked Sonia for money. Rumors are rife that a conflict has started over this. Partha Majumder said, ‘Everyone sees his interests at work. In some cases he is too, let’s not go into that. In the course of the last 17 years, I have never seen anyone cheat before my eyes or earn money by harming anyone.’

Partha Majumder said about asking money from Sonia, ‘It is being said that he is pressuring the new wife for money because he will do business. I don’t believe it. I don’t know that Tutul. These words seemed disrespectful. But people change. If he did, I can’t forgive myself.’

SI Tutul with ex-wife Tanya Ahmed

Popular musician SI Tutul and actress Tanya Ahmed got married on 19 July 1999. After five years of separation, the couple officially divorced late last year. Before this, Tanya confirmed the end of this family.

The article is in Bengali

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