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Ayesha Kapoor crossed all the limits of daring scenes, but don’t forget to look in front of anyone

Entertainment Desk: Nowadays web series is a new addition to the glamor industry along with movie serials. Actually keeping up with the technology now everyone likes to watch various web series through internet.

A number of web series in Bengali, Hindi and other regional languages ​​ace even big budget movies. In fact, the common people have understood the value of digital media since the post-corona period. And to keep up with that, multiple platforms have been born. But recently a most daring web series is ruling the digital world.

Almost everyone who is familiar with the OTT platform must know actress Ayesha Kapoor. Before this, he played a bold role in ‘Seal 2’ and ‘Ciappa’ web series. This time, the new web series ‘Jhol’ has been released, beating the previous hotness. The story of this web series revolves around a couple. Where the wife loves someone else and the husband will hand over the wife to her lover for her happiness. There are several bold scenes in this web series that can make netizens sweat.

Falling hair on the head also reduces the desire of M.L

In fact, it is not right to think that Ayesha Kapoor’s web series will not have bold scenes. She has always been quite a brave actress. He is not in a flamboyant sex scene. And that is why he is reaching the peak of popularity by acting in adult web series one after another. He gave a great performance in the physically attractive scenes of the newly released web series “Jhol”. This web series has so many bold scenes that don’t make the mistake of watching this web series with your family.

The article is in Bengali

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