‘There is no question of celebrating birthdays this time’

‘There is no question of celebrating birthdays this time’
‘There is no question of celebrating birthdays this time’

Popular actress Nusrat Imroz Tisha. A few days ago, the actress was widely praised for her and her husband producer Mustafa Saryar Farooqui’s ‘Autobiography’ web film.

His first story, Farooqui’s debut as an actor and their daughter Ilham’s first on-camera debuts surrounded him. But suddenly that happiness changed to worry, apprehension, danger. In January, Mustafa Saryar Faruqi was suddenly seriously ill and admitted to the hospital. Doctors said he had a brain stroke. After that, Farooqui recovered and returned home. But after this Ilham Nusrat Farooqui, the daughter of this star couple suddenly fell ill.

Telling this matter, Tisha wrote on social media, Allah tests people in many ways. My family is also being tested. Everyone should pray for inspiration. However, currently both Ilham and Farooqui are in good condition, said Tisha.

He said, ‘Ilham’s condition is better now. It is developing little by little. And Saryar is also resting. Will gradually recover more.
Today is the birthday of this actress. However, the actress said that there is an arrangement as always in this family situation.

In this context, Tisha said, ‘I did not remember that today is February 20. Not to remember. In the state of mind I am going through there is no question of celebrating my birthday. Right now my full attention is on my family. I will be busy with them.

Besides, I don’t feel like thinking about anything else. But thanks Yugantar for the birthday reminder.

Meanwhile, today is the birthday of another popular actor Abdun Noor Sajal.

He also said that there is no arrangement for his birthday. The day will be spent on the shooting set. Maybe someone can cut the cake there. And close ones will wish, which happens every year.

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