Pinky got 56 lakhs in divorce with Kanchan

Pinky got 56 lakhs in divorce with Kanchan
Pinky got 56 lakhs in divorce with Kanchan

Published: 20 February 2024, 13:55

Actor Kanchan Mallik gave a garland around the neck of actress Srimoy Chattaraj after 9 years of married life with Kolkata actress Pinky Banerjee. This star got married for the third time on Valentine’s Day last February 14.

Meanwhile, Kanchan’s ex-wife Pinky opened up about the news of his marriage. She wished her ex-husband all the best for his new life.

The actress said, ‘I sincerely want the newlyweds to be very well, to be happy. I applaud you for taking the bold decision to get married after dating for so long. This is what should have happened. In our life nothing is held for anyone. I am very happy with my son. Every night I hug my son and listen to Goppo Meer’s Thek or Sunday Suspense. What can be more unbridled joy than this. In my opinion, what they did was absolutely right. I’m working, I’m spending time with my son back home, I’m doing well.’

Pinky was asked in an interview, what was the son’s reaction to the news of his father’s marriage? Will he hate his father? In response, Kanchan’s ex-wife said, ‘No, she doesn’t hate it. He has forgiven his father.’

Pinki thinks that there is a lack of peace in people’s lives these days. Referring to that, the actress said, ‘There is a lack of peace in our lives now. So whoever is good with him should be allowed to be good with him. Nothing should be held back by force, which is for good. A mother is never weak. A mother has the ability to handle all situations. I want to make the boy human. This is my challenge now. Father’s marriage will not affect Osh’s life. Because her mother’s name is Pinki Banerjee.’

Saluting Kanchan-Shrimayi’s marriage move, Pinki said, ‘Happiness does not come in the world just by earning money, balance in life is real. The fact that people love me and offer me work is a great achievement for me. I feel rich as an artist. It is good if you get what you need to live comfortably in life. Don’t expect too much. There are no restrictions in life. Finally, once again, if we look at history, we can see that what happened before happened for good. So I salute their brave step.’

Pinky received Tk 56 lakh from Kanchan Mallick for maintenance after the divorce. But the actress said that she will never spend that money on herself. In his words, ‘I got 56 lakh rupees compensation from Kanchan in the divorce. The whole will be spent on raising the son. That money is not mine.’

Srimayi Chattraj said, Srimayi-Kanchan completed the registry marriage on February 14, i.e. World Valentine’s Day. They will get married socially on March 6. This is Srimayi’s first but Kanchan’s third marriage. He was married to actress Anindita before Pinki.

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