This is what Bubli said in praise of Shakib


This is what Bubli said in praise of Shakib

Entertainment Desk: Dhakai film actress Shabnam Bubli is debuting in Tollywood with ‘Flashback’. The teaser of the movie has been released recently. Where the actress stormed the screen with Kolkata actors Saurabh Das, Kaushik Ganguly and Rajtav Dutt.

After that, Bubli faced the Calcutta media. Where he talked about the movie. The issue of Shakib Khan also came up. The actress also spoke about that. He said, in fact, his good wishes and love are always there. Because, my career started from his hands.

My journey in the film industry started with Shakib Khan. He showed me many things and taught me. I have worked with him for five consecutive years, and now he is part of the family. So there is always good wishes and love from there.

When asked whether he has seen the poster and teaser of Shakib Khan’s movie, Bubli said, the teaser has just been released, he has seen the poster and is very positive, he is always positive about the work.

Bubli said that she had seen the poster of Shakib Khan’s upcoming movie ‘Dard’ and said, I have also seen the poster of his Darad, it was very good. And now he is shooting for Rajkumar in the US. Back to back good work coming. Best wishes for him too.

Incidentally, the screenplay of the movie ‘Flashback’ was written by Khairul Basar Nirjhar of Bangladesh. Voiced by Eamon Chakraborty, Siddharth and Amit Banerjee. Music directed by Surjit Chatterjee. Produced by Narayan Chatterjee of Kolkata and Kazi Zafrin of Bangladesh. The film is scheduled to be released in Dhaka, Kolkata and other countries around the world in May.

The article is in Bengali

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