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18 February, 2024 12:43

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The teaser of Kolkata’s (Tollywood) first film ‘Flashback’ starring Bubli, the popular heroine of Dhakai film, has been released. The teaser was released at an event in Kolkata on Saturday afternoon, which was attended by Bubli and others.

After the release of the teaser, Bubli spoke to the Indian media. The subject of Shakib Khan, the leading actor of Dhakai film, has come up there. Bubli said that Shakib Khan always has good wishes and love in his work.

West Bengal media outlet Tollywood Focus Kolkata asked Bubli if she took any advice or tips from Shakib before acting in her first movie in Kolkata. In response to the question, Bubli said, ‘Actually, his good wishes and love are always there. Because the career started with his hands. It was through him that my journey in the film industry began. So he showed me many things and taught me. I have worked with him for five consecutive years, and now he is part of the family. So good wishes and love from there always.’

Shakib Khan has seen the poster and teaser of the movie, Bubli’s answer was, ‘The teaser has just been released, he has seen the poster and he is very positive, he is always positive about the work.’

Shakib Khan is currently busy shooting for Himel Ashraf’s ‘Rajkumar’ in the US. Apart from this, the first look poster of Bollywood actress Sonal Chauhan’s first pan India movie Darad has been released on Valentine’s Day. Which has received a lot of praise. Bubli wished Shakib too. In his words, I also saw the poster of Shakib Khan’s Darad, it was very good. And now he is shooting for Rajkumar in the US. He also has back to back good works. Best wishes for him too.


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