Zayed Khan has a watch worth 26 lakh rupees

Zayed Khan has a watch worth 26 lakh rupees
Zayed Khan has a watch worth 26 lakh rupees

Zayed Khan is currently busy with various events after leaving the artists association. He did stage shows in places like America for months. Zayed Khan is in high demand at the event. Wherever he goes, the entire focus is on him. Sometimes, however, the actor who is famous for heartburn is doing funny things.

Among them, Zayed Khan kept himself in discussion by wearing expensive clothes and commenting on them. But the hero never told the value of the Rolex watch he wore on his hand. Finally, he told the price of the watch.

Zayed Khan posted a video from his Facebook account on Monday (November 20). She was seen promoting Mustafa Sarayer Faruqi’s autobiography ‘Something Like an Autobiography’.

In that video, it can be seen how to promote the name of his movie to the audience. Director-actor Ashutosh Sujan shouldered the responsibility of making Marjuk Russell’s movie name viral. Sujan then asked actor Naseeruddin Khan to take this responsibility. Nasiruddin claimed himself as the child of Viral and referred to Viral’s father and entrusted this task to Joy. After that, when the camera came to Joy, Joy said, Viral’s grandfather Zayed Khan can make the name of this movie viral. Zayed Khan’s digbazi comes into the context. Zayed then took off his watch and gave it to Joy. Said, Rolex Rolex! carefully carefully Jai then says how much is the price. This time Zayed threw away 26 lakhs 26 lakhs.

Zayed sat down on the stand of the helicopter that was standing with two digbazis in Jai’s hands. After that, he urged everyone to keep an eye on November 30 to see ‘Something Like an Autobiography’. Otherwise, he will open the door of any room at any time with Digbaji!

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