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Journalists on the streets protesting the unprofessional behavior of Tanzin Tisha

Journalists on the streets protesting the unprofessional behavior of Tanzin Tisha
Journalists on the streets protesting the unprofessional behavior of Tanzin Tisha

Journalists have gathered on the streets to protest actress Tanjin Tisha’s unprofessional behavior and speech against journalists.

Around 2.30 pm on Tuesday, the journalists of various television, newspaper, online portal and radio entertainment department gathered in front of the circus fountain in the capital’s Karwan Bazar.

This was confirmed by Bulbul Ahmed Joy, the spokesperson of the Television Entertainment Journalists Association of Bangladesh (TEJAB), which called the protest rally.

He said, if a journalist gets any information, he will check it and ask for the truth of that information from the artists-professionals concerned. This is the first source of journalism. Channel 24 journalist Mazharul Islam Tamim also did the same. He received an information and sent an SMS to Tisha. After that, Tisha called Tamim and gave exclusive threats to the journalists. Said to blow up. But Tamim didn’t even do news about it. But a day later Tisha went to the DB office and complained of cyber bullying in the name of Tamim.

After coming out from there, he revealed Tamim’s name to the media and made a serious complaint in public. As a result Tishai actually defamed Tamim as well as our entertainment journalists. Cyber ​​bullying. This is the message we want to convey to everyone through the protest rally today.

It is known that a written complaint against Tisha is expected to be submitted to the DB office by the afternoon after the protest rally. At the same time, the further activities of this rally will also be announced.

The incident started with the publication of the news of Tanzin Tisha’s ‘suicide attempt’. This news was published in various media after the unconscious Tisha was taken to the emergency department of Dhaka Medical College Hospital by her sister on November 15 midnight.

Tanzin Tisha last visited the DB office on November 20 and complained of cyber bullying against Channel 24 journalist Mazharul Islam Tamim. Earlier, Tisha threatened to ‘blow up’ the journalists, and also apologized for it on her social handle. However, he later deleted the apology post.

The article is in Bengali

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