Nobel’s ex-wife opened up about her marriage


Moinul Ahsan Nobel himself said that he is married. He confirmed the marriage on Monday (November 20).

It is known that the singer’s current wife Farzan Arshi was the wife of food vlogger Nadeem from Khulna. He is also involved in vlogging. In July of this year, he left Nadeem’s house due to Nobel prize.

Nobel has updated his relationship status on Facebook. There he said that he is married to Farzan Arshi.

Meanwhile, after the news of the singer’s marriage came to light, Salsabil Mahmud’s ex-wife opened her mouth. He said that the young woman named Arshi was brought up by Nobel.

Salsabil said, in fact, as far as I have heard, he is not married. The girl was picked up and placed near him. Even the family members of the girl could not go and bring Arshi. Both of them were also seen getting drunk together.

He said, Nobel’s divorce with me has not been completed yet. I sent the divorce letter. Noble was then called to the DB office. It was there that he gave a bond, not to be intoxicated; Do not associate with other girls. Now I am watching his new story. Of course, I don’t even want to have a relationship with him. His filth did not decrease. But I don’t want to have a relationship with him. I want to get out of it.

It is known about Arshi, his home and growing up in Khulna. Meet Nobel on social media. After that they met several times at Arunima Resort in Narail. Later they also met in Khulna.

Arshi’s ex-husband Nadeem is angry about the matter. He expressed his anger on his social handle. Nadeem had already understood his wife’s relationship with Noble. Earlier, when Nobel was arrested in the money embezzlement case, he wrote on Facebook that people are now crazy for this! It was okay to be good before, and now! Now only the addict will be crazy about it.


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