Nobel remarried, ex’s claims ‘raised’

Nobel remarried, ex’s claims ‘raised’
Nobel remarried, ex’s claims ‘raised’

Singer Mainul Ahsan Noble in a new discussion from Sunday (November 19) night. There have been many rumors about her since the picture of her new lover was published in a Facebook post. Netizens think that he is married again. Finally that came true; Noble’s current wife Farzan Arshi told the date when he got married.

It is known that this young woman was the wife of a food blogger in Khulna. After seven years of love, whom he married two years ago. However, when and how he got married, Nobel has kept everything a secret. Before this, news of his three other marriages has been reported. When asked about the new marriage, Nobel told the media that they are married. But he will not say anything about marriage. When asked if he could meet him, he said, ‘We have to come to Mars. Come on.’ He then handed over the phone to his wife. Said, ‘Nen talk to your wife.’

When Arshi was asked about the marriage, she said, ‘We got married on the 15th (November). Pray for us.’ When asked about her previous husband, Noble took the phone from the side. He said, ‘I will not talk about these anymore. I will tell you later.’

Nobel with ex-wife Salsabil Mahmood. Photo: Collected

Meanwhile, after the news of Nobel’s remarriage, his ex-wife Salsabil Mahmood spoke to the media. He said that the young woman named Arshi was brought up by Nobel. He said, ‘Actually, as far as I have heard, he is not married. The girl was picked up and placed near him. Even the family members of the girl could not go and bring Arshi. Both of them were also seen getting drunk together.’

He also said, ‘Nobel’s divorce with me has not been completed yet. I sent the divorce letter. Noble was then called to the DB office. It was there that he gave a bond, not to be intoxicated; Do not associate with other girls. Now I am watching his new story. Of course, I don’t even want to have a relationship with him.’

Incidentally, in 2019, Mainul Ahsan Noble gained popularity in both Bangla through the music reality show ‘Saregamapa’ of Indian TV channel Zee Bangla. In the same year, he got married to Salsabil Mahmud. They were rumored to have split a few months ago. Although now his ex-wife claims, the divorce proceedings are still not completed. This singer has been involved in many controversies after various activities. He has repeatedly come into discussion because of his personal life and various comments than his music.

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