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Farooqui also resorted to ‘viral’ in the campaign, with allegations of fake!

Farooqui also resorted to ‘viral’ in the campaign, with allegations of fake!
Farooqui also resorted to ‘viral’ in the campaign, with allegations of fake!

The era of social media. Where viral is the last word. A content or a person is considered successful only when there is a storm of discussion about it on the net page, the number of views is healthy. The whole thing, though, is unhealthy, claim critics. However, most of the artists, makers, producers of the showbiz world are involved in this race. They are keeping themselves in discussion or practice by doing unnecessary activities in various events from unbridled comments in front of the media. Although sarcasm and criticism on the contrary, many people believe that this is the ‘propaganda drug’ lately.

However, in the midst of this, some are trying to focus only on the quality of work. Although less in number, they have different ideas about work. Mustafa Saryar Faruqi’s name will be in the first place in that list. Who has been working in showbiz for a long time in serial stories; Don’t float in the spicy or fancy stream just for the sake of trade.

Campaign Video:

But in the fifties of life, Farooqui is the door of cheap campaigns or viral! That too for a special movie based on the essence of his personal life. In the film Farooqui himself acted as a wife for the first time. Their film ‘Something Like An Autobiography’ is releasing in Charki on November 30. The teaser-trailer of which has already garnered praise; The film has also received positive response in several international festivals.

But for the promotion of this film, Farooqui took the help of the most ‘viral’ or critical people in showbiz. On Monday (November 20) evening, a video content was released from the page of the film’s production company Charki. Faruqi is seen sitting on the director’s chair in an open field, worried about the release campaign of ‘Autobiography’. First, Marzouk, who is sitting next to him, asks Russell for directions. He passed the ball to actor-producer Ashutosh Sujan sitting next to him. Desperate, he asks actor Nasir Uddin Khan, who is sitting next to him, for advice. But pointing to the actor-presenter Shahriar Nazim Joy who was next to him, Nasir said, ‘Hey, I’m a child viral. Viral’s father is sitting here. Get lost.’

Marzouk, Sujan and Nasir UddinNo, the mission to find ‘viral’ does not end here. Because Jai himself surrendered on this issue. He pointed to Zayed Khan who was sitting next to him and said, ‘Viral’s father doesn’t always work. Because fathers also have fathers. This is Viral’s grandfather (Zayed Khan). Bro, you tell me how to do what. Can you wear Punjabi to give Digbaji?’

Well, Farooqui’s campaign has seen the desired Viralboy. Zayed Khan in white Punjabi, sunglasses. As always, he beat the drum of his expensive watch. And he said about Digbaji, ‘He who can, he can with clothes, he can without clothes.’

Then Zayed Khan gave two digbazis in the open field. At the end, sitting on the side of the helicopter, Farooqui gave a short campaign message about the film. It’s like “Everyone should keep an eye on November 30. Otherwise, I will open the door of any room at any time with this digbazi. Be careful. ‘Something Like an Autobiography’ is coming.”

Farki and Tisha along with Ilham, around whom this movie was bornSharing the video on his social handle, Zayed Khan said that it was recorded in a field in Naogaon. In his words, “I went to Naogaon today to think about something with many heads. I will tell you later what I thought. What to say at this moment is that on November 30, Mustafa Saryar Faruqi’s ‘Something Like An Autobiography’ is coming to Charki! Everyone is invited to visit! More will come after that.”

It is believed that Mustafa Saryar Faruqi’s ‘viral idea’ does not end here. More is coming with the Zay-Zayed Khans.

Meanwhile, many people are having fun and laughing after watching this campaign video. The video went viral instantly. All around started the Roi Roi matter. While some may frown upon the fact that Farooqui has produced multiple stars, many producers have taken the showbiz by the hand; The man who told the story of his only child through the film, rushed to all the famous festivals, Farooqui finally had to resort to the ‘viral’ Joy-Zayed for the campaign!

Tisha and Farooqui in a scene from the moviePerhaps it was a relief that Farooqui’s campaign story ended here. The man who has brought so many serious stories to the cinema screen through TV, has taken Bengali cinema to the international stage; The next criticism about him is a bit painful.

Because, many people are accusing this video of Faruqi’s campaign as ‘exactly fake’. Not only the complaint, the Bengali Tribune found some of its truth. Because one such promotional content was released last March by Disney Plus Hotstar. There’s ‘Pop Who?’ The actors of the film participated in the promotion of the film; Like Johnny Lever, Rajpal Yadav, Sourav Shukla, Chunky Pandey etc. The script of the two campaigns is almost the same. Only Zayed Khan’s digbaji is owed extra! However, that too is an old viral issue in Zayed Khan’s reign, which Farooqui has exploited for himself.

But what are the comments of Mustafa Saryar Faruqi on these two serious objections? Bangla Tribune wants to know the answer to that. No answer found. Although he talked a lot about the record, he said on the record, ‘No comments!’

‘Who’s Pop?’ Campaign video:

It needs to be said that the latest campaign on November 8 was full of emotion, with an emotional song full of fascination. Farooqui-Tisha’s daughter Ilham is also found in this song named ‘Jochnaar Phul’. The song that the couple called a special letter to the child. Tisha and Ilham presented it on screen.

While not commenting on ‘Viral’, Farooqui had earlier said about the film, ‘When my daughter Ilham grows up and gets a chance to watch the film, I hope she hears me whispering in her ear – you are here on earth. Try your best to make a difference here, so that your children can come to a different world than the one you came from.’

Apart from Farooqui-Tisha, Deepjol, Iresh Zaker, Dolly Zahoor, Sharaf Ahmed Jiban and others acted in ‘Something Like An Autobiography’.

The film was made as part of Charki’s special event ‘Ministry of Love’. In this, 12 filmmakers are making 12 movies about love stories. Farooqi is supervising the entire project. And he himself has made two movies. One is this ‘Autobiography’, the other is called ‘Monogami’.

Movie trailer:

The article is in Bengali

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