‘Taking the heroines to bed is a shame for me’!


‘Taking the heroines to bed is a shame for me’!

Entertainment Desk: Mansoor Ali Khan, one of the most popular comedians of South cinema, has come under a lot of criticism for making a comment that ‘taking heroines to bed in a movie is a disgrace to me’.

In a recent event, Mansoor said that in all previous movies, I used to pick up the heroines and take them to bed. Acting in such a scene is now a pleasure for me.

Originally the incident started, the actress made a comment about Trisha. He said, I am a little disappointed that I did not get a chance to act in a scene with Trisha even though I acted in the same movie.

At that time he said, I am acting in the same movie with Trisha, then I thought I will have a bedroom scene with her. Criticism basically started after this.

Actresses Trisha and Mansoor worked together in a film named Leo. But despite working together, both of them had no scene together in the movie. After this video went viral, there was a storm of criticism on the pages of the social site.

Actress Trisha got angry after hearing about Mansoor’s ‘claim’. He wrote, Courtesy of social media, a video has come to my notice, where Mansoor Ali Khan has said something indecent about me.

While I object to such behavior, I also consider myself lucky to have never acted with an actor like him. That day will never come.

Mansur himself has opened his mouth about this controversy. Through a statement, he said that he came to know about this entire incident from the sources of his children. He claims, before the release of his movie, such misinformation is being spread against him intentionally. The actor also said that he said that in jest.

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