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How true is the news of Praveer Mitra’s conversion?

How true is the news of Praveer Mitra’s conversion?
How true is the news of Praveer Mitra’s conversion?

Praveer’s friend Photo: Arif Ahmed Actor Praveer Mitra is now 82. There are many problems related to aging in the body. However, the morale did not break a bit. He spends time sitting at home. He dreams that he will recover and return to acting. At such a time, a news suddenly went viral yesterday. Pravir Mitra converted from Sanatan religion and became a Muslim. The basis of the news is a video. In that video, Praveer Mitra was heard saying, ‘I married his mother as a convert. Then I became a Muslim. Then it was necessary to become a Muslim.’

In the video that went viral on social media, Praveer Mitra told about his suffering. Said, ‘If I can’t act, it hurts me a lot. I can’t act, that’s my biggest problem. Acting attracts me a lot. I am waiting to recover and return to acting. The actor also talked about his colleagues in the video. He said that many inquired about him. Everyone prays for him. He also prays for everyone, may everyone be well and healthy.

At one stage of the conversation, when asked about religion, the actor said that he got married as a Muslim convert at the time of marriage. Based on that source, the news spread that Prabir’s friend has become a Muslim. However, when asked about Prabir Mitra’s thoughts on religion, he said, ‘I have no exaggeration about religion. Above all, man is not above the truth. People are above all.’

When the actor’s son Mithun Mitra was contacted to know about this, he said, ‘The newly spread news of (Prabir Mitra’s) becoming a Muslim is not true. Nothing of the sort happened. It is true, she converted to Islam during her marriage. My mother was Muslim. All of our family including siblings are followers of Islam. But the father follows the rules of Hinduism.’

Pravir Mitra’s wife Ajanta Mitra. He died in 2000. The actor’s three sons are Mithun Mitra, Sifat Islam, Samiul Islam. One daughter Ferdous Parveen. Samiul died among them. Prabir Mitra has lived in teak garden for a long time. Now she lives in Dhanmondi with her children.

Prabir Mitra was born in 1941. Dhakai made his name in cinema with ‘Jalchhabi’ released in 1971. He has acted in many movies in his long acting career. Notable movies he has acted in are ‘Titas A Nadihan Naam’, ‘Jeevan Trishna’, ‘Seyana’, ‘Fariad’, ‘Blood Oath’, ‘Charitraheen’, ‘Jai Parajay’, ‘Angar’, ‘Mintu Amar Naam’, ‘Fakir’. Majnu Shah’, ‘Madhumita’, ‘Curly Waves’, ‘Alankar’, ‘Anurag’, ‘Promise’, ‘Tarulta’, ‘Village Boy’ etc.

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