Prabir Mitra’s acceptance of Islam, son said baseless news

Prabir Mitra’s acceptance of Islam, son said baseless news
Prabir Mitra’s acceptance of Islam, son said baseless news

A news has spread since Monday morning. Where it is being claimed, country’s veteran film actor Praveer Mitra has embraced Islam. An old interview of the actor is being circulated as proof.

However, Prabir Mitra’s son Mithun Chand dismissed the matter as a rumour. He told Samakal, “My father did not convert.” I don’t know where this rumor came from. Several people are asking me by phone. We are quite embarrassed and annoyed at the same time. I don’t know who spreads these rumours, how they spread.

Mithun also said, ‘My mother was a Muslim. But the father is practicing his traditional religion. Those who are spreading such news are not working properly. Such buzz in the name of an actor like Baba is not acceptable. I request everyone, don’t spread any information without knowing it.’

Before this, the news of Praveer Mitra’s death was spread through social media several times. All of which were later proven false. This time too, the family members are also upset as new rumors are spreading around the actor.

Praveer Mitra was married to Ajanta Mitra in personal life. His wife died in 2000. The actor has three sons and one daughter. They are Mithun Mitra, Ferdous Parveen, Sifat Islam, Samiul Islam. Meanwhile, Samiul died.

Incidentally, Praveer Mitra entered the showbiz arena by acting in theatre. Worked in ‘Lalkuti’ theater for many days. Then he came to the film by the hand of director H Akbar. Praveer Mitra’s first movie is called ‘Jalchhabi’.

This actor played the role of a hero early in his career. He was the hero in movies like ‘Titas is a river name’, ‘Chabuk’. Apart from this, he was also in the lead role in the movie ‘Rangin Nawab Sirajuddaula’. After that Prabir Mitra gradually focused on character based acting.

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