Sumaiya Shimu is the mother of twins

Sumaiya Shimu is the mother of twins
Sumaiya Shimu is the mother of twins

Sumaiya Shimu holding two children


Actress Sumaiya Shimu has become a mother of twin boys, she herself shared the good news on Facebook.

Shimu’s two children were born in a private hospital in Dhaka on November 8. The actress revealed the news of becoming a mother two weeks after that.

Shimu shared a photo of the two boys and the baby shower ceremony on Facebook on Sunday and wrote, “I want to share this good news with everyone. Our family has grown. We are now proud parents of two boys.

“Immense thanks and gratitude to the Creator. We have two twins born last November 8 at 11:26 am and 11:27 am. Our hearts are full of love now.”

In 1998, model Shimu started acting in the drama ‘Ekhane Atar Pawa Gaye’ directed by Aranya Anwar. The drama was aired in 1999. Later, he got stardom by acting in one drama after another.

Shimu’s full name is Sumaiya Rahman Shimul. He is known as Shimul to family and close people. But when Shimu came into acting, model and actor Monir Khan Shimul was a popular star on television. Because of this, on the advice of some producers, he shortened his name and became Sumaiya Shimu.

In 2017, Shimu was selected as the goodwill ambassador of the international organization ‘Relief International’. He is still working for this company. He is also acting regularly.

Sumaiya Shimu holds Masters from Department of Government and Political Science, Jahangirnagar University. He is doing his PhD from the drama and dramaturgy department of the same university.

Sumaiya Shimu’s husband Nazrul Islam is working as the country director of Relief International, a US-based international non-governmental organization.


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