Anushka makes negative comments about Athiya

Anushka makes negative comments about Athiya
Anushka makes negative comments about Athiya

Former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh was present as a commentator in the high-voltage final match between India and Australia. He got into trouble by making controversial comments while giving commentary.

At one point during the game, the camera panned towards Anushka Sharma and Athiya Shetty, who were sitting in the gallery, when Harbhajan Singh noticed it. Seeing that, this former cricketer said, ‘Maybe they are talking about the film, or about cricket? However, I do not know how much they understand cricket!

The fans of these two actresses are angry with Harbhajan’s comments. Bhajji is also being criticized on social media.

A netizen wrote by tweeting, typical! Harbhajan Singh you are a very rude man. Disrespect increased. I understand your insecurity as a cricketer. But by insulting the wives of colleagues like this? What else can be expected from you?’

Another wrote, ‘What about your grandfather? What comes to the mouth can be said! What do you want them to talk about?’

Another, however, commented slightly differently, ‘He (Harbhajan) is like that. Even if someone said such things about his wife, he would not protest. ‘

After the semi-final, Anushka Sharma also came to the field to watch the final on Saturday. That day he watched the game with his mother. L Rahul’s wife and actress Athiya Shetty watched the game by his side. They are seen talking together. Seeing this, Harbhajan Singh commented.

Bangladesh Time: 1251 hours, November 20, 2023


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