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What singer Liza said about marriage

What singer Liza said about marriage
What singer Liza said about marriage

Musician Sania Sultana Liza is secretly married. He tied the knot with Sabuj Khandkar, an expatriate businessman in the United States. Recently, this news has spread quite strongly.

However, Liza did not officially say anything about the marriage. But green is often seen as a shadow with it. He stays by Lisa’s side in various events. Apart from this, the WhatsApp profile picture of the singer is also green.

Liza’s Facebook is also talking about her marriage with Sabuj. Because Sabuj Khandkar was also seen with Liza and her family on the net.

It is known that Liza met Sabuj in the United States. They met while doing a show there. After that they got involved in a love relationship. Liza and Green have also been seen traveling together in the United States.

Meanwhile, previously married Liza said to the media, ‘All people have a relationship with someone in life. I’m in a new relationship. I can say that everything is ready for our wedding. I will get married this year. I will be able to announce the marriage once the outbreak of Corona subsides. Let’s just say, he belongs to the world outside of music. But identity is based on song.’

Meanwhile, Lizar got engaged to Iqbal Mahmud Lovelu in 2012. However, it did not lead to marriage. Liza later revealed that their engagement broke up in 2015 and the man she was engaged to married.

Meanwhile, several attempts were made to contact Lisa over the phone to talk about the matter, but she could not be found. He did not respond to text messages.

It is to be noted that in 2008, Liza made her name in the music industry by becoming the champion of the ‘Closeup One Tobei Chojche Bangladesh’ competition. Since then he has been roaming the music industry. Currently Liza is busy as a judge on a reality show.

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