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Did Sushmita Sen want to marry Lalit Modi?

Did Sushmita Sen want to marry Lalit Modi?
Did Sushmita Sen want to marry Lalit Modi?

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20 November 2023, 08:41 AM

Sushmita Sen, who became the first Indian Bengali to be crowned Miss Universe, has always kept the interest of netizens high. Sometimes about his personal life, sometimes looking for new pictures. Even at the age of 47, this actress is seen as lively.

It can be said that he does not have much care about the relationship. Everything you do, everything you say comes in front of everyone like an open diary. A few days ago it was also heard that Sushmita got married secretly. But with whom? Is not Lalit Modi, his billionaire lover, making a fuss about this?

Netizens have no chance to ignore the guesswork either. In fact, Sushmita herself has opened her mouth about whether she had a great love affair with Indian billionaire Lalit Modi but it did not lead to marriage or not. He dismissed the news of marriage with former IPL chairman Lalit as a rumour. Saf said, ‘If I want to marry someone, I will marry him. Not going to try. I do what I think to do, even if someone tells me not to do it, I will not do it.’

Sushmita said so openly in an interview given to an Indian media.

Despite countless loves in life, none of them have been ‘long lasting’. As much as people were interested in this unequal love, it was not seen in Sushmita. When he was in a relationship, the world became beautiful to him. But where did that man go after becoming ex. Love is like that. Is Sushmita a golddigger? Did he do this to find a mantra to be happy?

He clears the fog himself before asking. Sushmi said, ‘I love diamonds, not gold. However, that was a different time, a different experience. That’s what happens’.

Although last year several pictures of Sushmita’s intimate moments with Lalit went viral on social media. The news of Parina’s death is also rumored because Anamika has a ring on her ring finger. But above everything, Sushmita was seen with her former friend Rahman Shol.

Although there was little contact between them during their love affair with Lalit, the Bengali actress is currently seen walking around holding Rahman’s hand. But he is not willing to open his mouth about their relationship. But time will tell how far their love flows.



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