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Urvashi went to the field and kissed him

Urvashi went to the field and kissed him
Urvashi went to the field and kissed him

The two superpowers of cricket (India and Australia) face off at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, India. The final game is being held in the stadium with 1 lakh 32 thousand seats. Countless celebrities from Bollywood, cricket and political fields appeared at the stadium on this occasion. Urvashi Raotela was also present. He said, I kissed the world cup of cricket; I will shout for the country. News of Anandabazar Online.

Rumors of Shubman Gill and Sara Tendulkar’s romance are all over the place, while actress Urvashi Raotela and Rishabh Pant’s relationship has not been discussed before the World Cup. Since last year, the heroine’s love for cricket has been making headlines more and more. There were many discussions around her relationship with cricket star Rishabh Pant. Then Rishabh suffered a major accident. Then the actress rushed to the hospital to see him, that is the rumour. But even after hearing Rishabh’s name, Urvashi lost his temper several times. Rishabh could not play in the World Cup this year due to illness. However, Urvashi has already reached the final of the World Cup.

Urvashi met the media in Ahmedabad on Sunday. She is the first actress from India, who has already touched the World Cup trophy. Urvashi himself said, ‘I have already touched the trophy. I have kissed the trophy, today I will only shout for the country. Not a single cricket star, I am with the whole team.’

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